The Rise of Man: The Concept

The Rise of Man

Welcome to the official website of the Sci-Fi Fantasy Saga The Rise of Man- The Epic of Our Times. The author of this grand tale believes in innovation, imagination and the latent creativity present in all individuals, which in the majority of cases remains unexploited and hence The Epic of Our Times Project.
In what is a truly novel and experimental venture in Group Writing in the genre of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, the author invites all irrespective of all barriers, to submit to us any material(suggestion) related to the plot of The Rise of Man.It maybe that character that came to your mind who lends a whole new dimension to the story( even perhaps minor characters that add to the storyline), that event that goes along and maybe even substantiates the plot, a weapon concept you thought up of or possibly that space-ship design you always had in mind.All materials received along with the name of the contributor will be put up on our site periodically.All those whose suggestions are included in the final form of the resultant novel and/or script will receive a part of the monetary amount the author/s makes by selling the book right as 20% of that amount will be equally distributed among all of them.
So go ahead shoot us your suggestions and join this project. And what better way to limn “The Epic of Our Times” than by telling it as seen by the times.

Please Note: Please send your suggestions, and in order to communicate with the author please mail him at or comment on his blog